As a business owner I am sure you would prefer to focus on growing your company, instead of focusing on administrative tasks like payroll, taxes, and HR duties. 


By outsourcing your company payroll, you no longer have to maintain an entire accounting department. This means valuable resources can be allocated to boost the sales of the business, enabling you to focus on growth and operations. Assess the total time spent on payroll each day, calculating employee hours, paid time off, deductions, etc., and processing electronic payments and direct deposit payments. If you compare it to the cost of payroll outsourcing, you will see how much savings it can offer your company.


With so many aspects to consider including legislation, changes, and additions on employment terms, employee benefit programs, and tax status, it has become extremely challenging for businesses to process the exact salaries and reimbursements of employees. There’s also the need to answer queries of employees regarding earnings. Although DIY payroll processing is possible, how can you verify your calculations’ accuracy? Also, do you have a secure mechanism in properly auditing company earnings?


An outsourcing company is staffed with experts who can answer all queries of business partners/directors and employees. The service provider will also serve as the point of contact for any issue related to employee wages and reimbursements. In addition, you can hire a payroll outsourcing company to conduct an in-house training session or a hands-on consultation with company management and staff.


Services Provided

  • Payroll Tax Filing
  • Online Payroll Submission
  • Automated Standard Deductions
  • Garnishment and levy administration
  • New Hire Reporting


Time and Attendance

  • Multiple clock-in/clock-out options (web, card swipe, biometric, SMS)
  • Time and overtime tracking
  • PTO, vacation and sick leave tracking
  • Scheduling and shift-swapping management
  • Direct export to payroll system