PEO’s can help your company be better and more efficient by helping streamline your companies payroll, human resources, technology, risk and workplace safety management, and benefits administration, and can typically save a company 10-30 percent annually with their health insurance and workers’ comp. costs. At The Outsource Pros, we help companies find the best PEO partner for their business at the best price.

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) provides your company one vendor and one relationship for your companies HR & government compliance, payroll, technology, workers’ comp., and benefits needs. By bundling all of these things with a PEO you will typically get big discounts on them all, as well as experts and professionals from the PEO that can help you in all these areas.

Our company works with some of the best local & national PEO’s. Years of experience & knowledge in the PEO industry has allowed us to partner only with PEO’s offering great customer service, excellent Fortune 500 benefits platforms, & very good outsourcing solutions. We also have great relationships with many of the owners and executives at the PEO’s we work with. This allows us to negotiate directly with the decision makers at the PEO’s to get our clients the best deal possible.

We make the process of finding a good PEO easy & efficient saving you time, money, & stress. As a business owner, or company executive, your time is more valuable than you think. Let The Outsource Pros have at least 5 PEO’s compete for your business, ensuring you get a great partner customized to you & your companies needs at a good price. When PEO’s compete for your business, you & your business WIN.

If your company is not partnered with a PEO, consider outsourcing things that don’t generate revenue for your business like HR, payroll, and benefits administration. A PEO allows business owners to focus on the business of their business, by offering cost effective business outsourcing solutions.

Partnering with a PEO will provide your company administrative relief, access to better benefits, reduced liabilities, and dedicated HR support while savings you and your company time and money.

The advantages to you and your business of outsourcing human resources, payroll & tax administration, risk and workplace safety management, technology, and benefits administration to a PEO include:

1. You and your employees get access to skilled expertise and professionals in HR, benefits, risk management, and technology.

2. It saves time with increased productivity and efficiency.

3. You can focus on your business, and not administrative stuff.

4. It is very cost effective & makes running the business so much easier.

5. It helps foster innovation.

6. Gives your employees access to Fortune 500 benefits at a BIG discount.

7. Access to state of the art technology that will help in so many ways including making processes with your business better and more efficient.

If your company is with a PEO, we can help get you a better deal, or find a PEO partner that will help solve problems you are having with your current PEO. If you are considering a PEO partnership, we can help you find the best PEO partner for your company at the best price.