A PEO will help streamline your companies payroll, human resources, technology, risk and workplace safety management, and benefits administration, and can typically save you 10-30 percent with your health insurance and workers’ comp.

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, provides your company one vendor and one relationship for your companies HR, payroll, technology, workers’ comp., and benefits needs. By bundling all of these things with a PEO you will typically get big discounts on them all, as well as experts and professionals from the PEO that can help you in all these areas.

PEO’s will also help your company be more efficient, and can help make running your business easier for you and your employees. By saving you time and money, a PEO will allow your company to be more profitable.

Some of the many advantages to your business & your employees of outsourcing human resources, payroll & tax administration, work place safety management, technology, & benefits administration to a PEO include:

Reduce costs

Skilled expertise

Increase productivity & efficiency

Focus on your business

Cost effective

Foster innovation

Access to Fortune 500 benefits at a BIG discount

Makes running your business easier