We all know it is a nightmare shopping for health insurance these days. If you are a small business you understand that you are stuck in the small group space in the insurance market and you are likely going to be paying 30% more than folks on a large group plan. This makes the health insurance carrier feel more protected in case your group has a lot of claims, without the large amount of employees paying premiums to offset it.

Instead of keeping you in the dreaded small group space partnering with a PEO allows you access to a large group private plan typically only available to Fortune 500 companies. You get to remain the same small operation you were originally, but now you gain access to a group policy with thousands of individuals on it.

The Benefits:

Better coverage

Lower deductibles

Lower premiums

Softer Renewals

PEO handles paying the premiums to carrier

Retain and attract top talent in your industry

Access to a full service benefits team

The Outsource Pros work with a number of PEO providers that all have different health carriers for their master policies. We can find PEO partners that offer Humana, Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, and United Health as their carriers. This will give you the best options for you and your employees, and make the shopping process easy and streamlined.

Health Insurance Hack For Small Business

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